Notable Case Results

Our Notable Case Results

$5,000,000.00 policy limits settlement

Settlement for elderly woman that was T-Boned by a negligent food delivery
truck driver that ran a red light. Our client suffered multiple fractures throughout her body and
underwent surgery on her femur. At first a $1,000,000 policy was offered as settlement, however an investigation by our firm revealed $4,000,000 more in coverage which was ultimately offered as settlement of our client’s claim.


For a woman who tripped and fell on a sidewalk due to tree roots that caused the cement slab to uplift about 1 inch.


For a woman who tripped after stepping on a poorly designed drainage grate


for a motorcyclist that was involved in a disputed liability intersection collision where the police report stated our client had run a red light.

$100,000 policy limits settlement

Disputed liability case where the other driver negligently changed lanes and crashed into client. Investigation into independent witnesses revealed that client was not at fault and forced the insurance company to change their liability position and tender the limits of the policy.

$85,000 recovered

For woman who was t-boned by negligent driver who ran a stop sign.

$250,000 recovered

Through third party and underinsured motorist coverage for pedestrian who was struck in a crosswalk and sustained a shoulder injury.

$1,000,000 recovered

for our elderly client

Through third party and underinsured motorist coverage for our client who was struck by another vehicle while pumping gas into his son’s car

$1.4 Million jury verdict

for 2 injured minor passengers

whose parents were killed in motor vehicle collision under unknown circumstances in rural Mexico. The offer before trial was $10,000.

$375,000 recovered

for injured boat captain

when fishing vessel wrecked at sea due to poor maintenance by boat owner.

$700,000 settlement

vs. County of San Diego

for a woman injured in a motor vehicle collision with an off-duty sheriff. 

$275,000 Jury verdict

for slip and fall victim

fall from the client’s own dump truck bed loaded by general contractor. Client sustained a broken ankle and the offer before trial was $5,000.

$250,000 Bank paid

to client

for wrongful foreclosure on our client’s home. The case was initially dismissed by the trial court but later reversed on appeal in a published appellate court decision.

$900,000 settlement

vs. charter bus company

for the negligence of the bus driver causing injury to an elderly woman passenger, due to erratic driving.

$180,000 arbitration award

from neighbor dispute

over modifications to land causing flooding to adjoining property.

$325,000 Jury verdict

for repairman

after falling from climbing on drainage pipe to make repairs to a restaurant. Broken arm. Offer $10k. Jury Trial $325,000

$150,000 recovered

for slip and fall victim

at mall retail store when retail store employed poor rainy weather practices.

$150,000 recovered

for slip and fall victim

While at a breakfast restaurant, a customer was being led to her table by the hostess. Restaurant heavily contested liability for our client’s injuries.

$300,000 policy limits recovered

for under the table laborer

fell onto a piece of rebar while working in a backyard, and received a puncture injury.

$1.125 Million Recovered

for injured motorist

From at-fault driver, rental car company, and United States of America. The rental car company and U.S.A. disputed their liability for our client’s injuries which included multiple bone fractures.

$100,000 policy limits recovered

for injured motorist

After a multiple car collision on the freeway, where the client needed multiple sessions with a pain management doctor.

$110,000 recovered

for injured bicyclist

in a disputed liability auto on bike case.

$200,000 Recovered

for injured motorist

The victim avoided having to undergo surgery. The insurance company initially placed a claim in their Special Investigations (Fraud) Unit before our office was retained.

$100,000 policy limits recovered

for rear-end auto collision

with $1,800 in property damage.

$100,000 policy limits recovered

 for injured motorist

for hip injury after hit and run on freeway. Insurance initially wanted to discount claim based upon minimal property damage.

$100,000 third party policy limits recovered

 for injured motorist

with a shoulder injury from a rear-end on the freeway after insurance initially offered less than $10,000. An additional $20,000 was recovered from the client’s underinsured motorist coverage.

$100,000 policy limits recovered

for rear-end auto collision

with $1,800 in property damage.

$100,000 policy limits recovered

 for injured motorist

when insurance initially offered 3,600 prior to client retaining our office.

$100,000 policy limits recovered

 for injured motorist

after another car made an improper left turn and t-boned client.

$125,000 jury verdict + $50,000 punitive damages award

 for client

who was falsely imprisoned for shoplifting by supermarket employees for 45 minutes. The defendants offered $0 prior to trial.

$150,000 Recovered

for car accident victim

 The victim was driving down the road when a delivery truck ran a stop sign directly in front of him. He had no health insurance, but we were able to set him up with a top-notch medical treatment that got him back to health without the need for surgery.

reduced conviction

Hung jury on DUI of .14 BAC - later reduced to wet reckless.

reduced conviction

Multiple counts of felony possession of counterfeit merchandise for sale reduced to a single count of misdemeanor accessory. Deportation of Defendant was avoided. 

$100,000 policy limits obtained

For client who was struck on the freeway by a negligent driver who changed lanes and collided with her.

reduced conviction

Felony Stalking and Multiple Counts of Felony Vandalism reduced to single misdemeanor conviction with no jail time served.

$100,000 policy limits obtained

Through uninsured motorist coverage for the passenger of a vehicle that stopped to help another motorist on the side of the road. The vehicle she was in was struck from behind by a negligent driver that had no insurance.

$425,000 settlement

For our client who slipped and fell in a restaurant bathroom that had just been mopped and no signs were put up to advise patrons of a wet floor.

$135,000 combined settlement

For a young couple that was struck by a negligent driver who made a right turn into their path of travel. Liability was disputed by the insurance company for the negligent driver, however our team was able to ultimately convince the claims adjuster in our favor to provoke settlement offers to our clients.

$99,000 recovered

Through 3rd party and underinsured motorist coverage for our elderly client who was involved in a disputed liability low speed parking lot collision.

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