How to Tell If You Have a Defective Product Liability Case

When you purchase an item, you reasonably expect it to work a certain way. When something happens that prevents this function from happening or if you get injured, then you likely have a defective product liability case on your hands.

Defective Designs

Defective designs refer to when the inherent design of an entire line of products has a fatal flaw. This includes vehicles with a design flaw that puts the drivers at risk. With these cases, total recalls often need to be conducted to remedy the situation.

Manufacturing Defects

This refers to products where a single product has a defect, but everything else in the line should be good. For example, buying a product with a crack in it means that it could have been broken at some point in the manufacturing or transportation process, but you are still inconvenienced by your purchase.

Inadequate Instructions

Certain products carry risks. For instance, if you buy paint, then it could pose health risks if inhaled. Items like this should come with warning labels telling you how to safely handle the item. If that warning label is absent, then that would qualify as defective product liability.

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